Language Rehabilitation Software for the 21st Century

Abstract illustration of patient using RehaLingo

The Problem

5 million people suffer language impairment every year and recovery takes a lot of exercise.

Our Solution

Computer-based language therapy

Language therapy, at the moment, takes time to be provided and cannot be given to the extent patients actually require it. Therefore, RehaLingo provides an innovative therapy-at-home solution, allowing patients to get going quickly and see results fast.

Robust and smart speech recognition

Patients need their own pace and many repetitions. With automated speech recognition, RehaLingo provides exactly that with no human interpreter in the loop. Our speech recognition can identify the incorrect parts of a spoken word or sentence and provide personalized improvement strategies based on that.

Game design

What current language therapy software misses most, is a game aspect. You can imagine RehaLingo as a DuoLingo for aphasia patients, pathing the way for improving while playing.

Auto-adaptive difficulty

RehaLingo is the first of its kind to adapt task difficulty to the patient's level. With this, RehaLingo guarantees intense but frustration-free therapy sessions.

Abstract illustration of patient using RehaLingo


The Team

Stefan Knecht

Project Lead

Hans-Günter Hirsch

System Design & Development

Placeholder profile picture of Dietmar Bothe

Dietmar Bothe

Project Lead TEMA

Hendrike Frieg

Scientific Therapy Support

Katja Biermann-Ruben

Neuroscientific Language Research

Christian Neumann

Research Assistant

Profile picture of Yannic Tiggelkamp

Yannic Tiggelkamp

Scientific Programmer

Riccardo Fiorista

System Architect

Mihir Mulye

Research Assistant

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